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  • X-Wall Marble Coating (Inner Pot)

  • Feeds up to 6 people

  • English, Chinese, and Korean Voice Navigation

  • Made in Korea

  • Can cook GABA rice

From the Manufacturer


Enjoy the taste of delicious rice with Cuckoo pressure cooker!

  • Dual Motion Rubber Gasket Covering

  • 3D Warming System

  • Xwall Marble Coating Inner Pot

  • GABA Rice

  • Customized Rice

  • Voice Guide: Korean, English, and Chinese

  • Detachable Cover

  • Auto Steam Cleaning

  • Lock checking device for safety

  • 2 layer soft steam cap for quiet steam release

  • 13 Cook Settings

  • 13 Safety Features

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty covering parts and labor

Cuckoo Rice Cooker

South Korea’s well known Rice Cooker Brand!

  • Over 39 years of experience in pressure cooking technology

  • One of Korea’s most trusted and popular brand for pressure rice cookers

Enjoy the taste of delicious GABA brown rice and mixed rice!

GABA rice

Cuckoo’s pressure cookers allow you to enjoy brown rice with less soak time than traditional rice cookers.

Multi-Cook Mode

Multi-Cook Mode

Cook foods other than rice such as vegetables, eggs, meats, and poultry.

3D Warming

3D Warming

Cuckoo’s locking system seals vents to trap heat after cooking to keep your rice warm and fresh!

Xwall Marble Inner Pot

Xwall Marble Inner Pot

Enjoy the benefits of marble coating with it’s smooth non-stick surface.

Auto Steam Cleaning

Auto Steam Cleaning

Keep your rice cooker clean and hygienic with auto steam cleaning!

Detachable Cover (pull out)

Detachable Cover

Detachable cover helps protect the interior of your rice cooker and makes cleaning simple and easy.

Soft Steam Cap

Soft Steam Cap

Soft Steam Cap helps direct steam in a quiet and safe process.

Voice Navigation Guide

Voice Navigation Guide

Enjoy using your rice cooker in 3 voice language settings! (Korean, English, and Chinese).


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