Electric Pressure Cookers – A True Review Of Cuisinart And Nesco Pressure Cookers


Without doubt, electric pressure cookers are different from the regular ones since they’re electric and digitally controlled. They’re a stand alone as they have built-in heating device but pretty much have the same style, mechanism and construction as the stove top ones. The digital controls even allow the cook to quickly monitor as well as preset the cooking time making it simpler and more convenient.

There are two well known brands in the market when it comes to this sort of cookware namely Nesco and Cuisinart. In this report, we will be performing an assessment in terms of security, design, efficiency and functionality to see which brand is better.

Nesco electric pressure cooker includes a capacity of six quarts and operates as a steamer and slow cooker at the same time. Looks wise, it is going to be a nice addition for your kitchen counter as it has an enticing exterior finish. It has two pressure setting (low and high) and has the capability to brown meat and reheat or warm food. When it comes to security benefits, it has got a cover that locks securely in place along with a safety steam release that prevents the lid from being opened when there is still pressure build up inside the pot. It’s simple to operate as well as a result of its digital control and preset controls.

The cuisinart electric pressure cookware has a six quart capacity too as well as a matte black and stainless steel finish. It has got the capability to brown, simmer, saute and warm food too. The digital controlled is push button and also the cooking time comes equipped with preprogrammed setting for high and low pressure. It boasts of seven security functions for instance, the pressure control device, automatic shut off and open and close lid safety device. It is unquestionably hassle and worry-free operation because it does everything for you. It requires less watching and you could proceed to doing other tasks in the house as it cooks your food for you.

Actually, our assessments reveals that these two brands of electric pressure cookers are equally remarkable and provide precisely the same benefit and worry free cooking. They are equally secure and easy to use. They are simple to clean because of the removable and non stick cooking chamber inside. Price wise, they are basically the same (about $100) depending on where exactly you’ll acquire them. The two are a household name for several years so it’s only a matter of what type you will be comfortable with. Decide right now and go get one for yourself.

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